2021 : I've found an internship!

How I managed to find an internship in 2021

5/14/20212 min read


Hello, I'm Elise, a Master 1 student (2020-2021) at a grande Ecole business school.

As part of my program, my challenge was to find an internship in 2021. An internship in communications that would be an enriching experience and enable me to improve my skills. Due to the sanitary crisis, this year has been really complicated. After around 4 months, nearly 80 CV mailings and 9 interviews, I still hadn't found a company that really matched my expectations. A friend told me about a coach who helped her confirm a CDI after two interviews. I had already seen him as a manager in an association. I didn't know him personally, but I decided to take the plunge.

We had two full days of videoconferencing.

I realized that despite the design template I was using, my CV lacked coherence. We began by taking the time to analyze each element of my CV one by one. We drew out the best of it and prepared me to argue it clearly and effectively. My cover letter became much more attractive, concrete and professional.

The second step was the interview presentation. He gave me a lot of advice on how to sell my background and present my added value. We also worked hard on common and difficult interview questions such as “Why should I hire you and not one of the 30 people who came before you?”.

Two weeks later?

I landed an interview for the position of Junior Project Manager at Havas, the world's 6th largest marketing and communications consultancy. To my astonishment, I only had one interview, because my CV and the way I spoke at the first interview convinced the Production Director straight away.

Today, in parallel with this internship, I've opened my own marketing and communications consulting business, and I've managed to convince my first customers on a weekend activity.

In truth, what I've acquired is only a small part of a very long curriculum. But it enabled me not only to complete an internship with a well-known company, but above all to take a long, hard look at my professional profile, identify my values and gain self-confidence. It was only a small step, but the start of a promising career that will turn my professional career upside down.

- Thank you MO2I, Haliance Group and ILCI -

If you have any marketing or communication projects, please don't hesitate to contact me at nguyen.elise2000@gmail.com