" Envision a world where your creativity influences patterns, where your every idea shapes the way people see and interact with the world. As marketing directors, we have the power not just to sell a product, but to tell a story, create an experience and forge emotional connections. Every campaign is a chance to touch lives, every strategy an opportunity to innovate and stand out in an ever-changing digital world.

It's more than a job; it's an adventure in understanding human desires and transforming these insights into impactful action. In a world where every voice can be heard, marketing is the megaphone."

If you are ultra-connected, have creativity, an analytical mind, adaptability, communication skills, curiosity and are constantly on the lookout for performance then don't wait any longer.

1160 training hours over 2 years

Teaching Language
- French and English

Competencies to be acquired
- Perform market analysis and targeting
- Propose a business model and business plan
- Develop business based on digital tools
- Adapt communications to an identified target audience
- Manage communication and digital prospecting campaigns
- Analyze data and propose changes to acquisition processes

Programe - Training features

General courses
- Lv.1-2 English/French
- Marketing and communication (market analysis, business development, etc.)

- Digital marketing and communications

- Law and economics (corporate, social etc.)
- Organizational strategy
- Management (corporate, project, etc.)
- Networking

Mandatory internship in 5th year
- 4-6 month internship in M2 and 3 months in M1 (for RNCP option)
- Maximum 6 months (per year)

Classes are held on site, and students are expected to attend regularly (unless exceptional arrangements have been made).
- Initial in-class training
- Additional e-learning modules

- Options available for working professionals
- Rhythm: Half-day Monday to Friday (American style)
- Professional business meetings

RNCP challenge option ( nationally accredited), on application and admission at the start of the school year, by e-mail to
xaminations by competency file :
*Ref RNCP: Level 7 title, registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles.

Professions prepared
- Digital communication manager

- Communications project manager
- Digital strategy consultant
- Digital marketing project manager
- Web and mobile sales strategy manager
- SEM development manager (SEO, SEA, SMO)

Activity sector
- Any company seeking to boost its online presence

- Companies distributing via digital channels
- Industrial and service companies
- Marketing and consulting companies
- Digital project agencies

Publicis, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, McKinsey, Google, Facebook, Repossi, Mantu, Tiktok, Insider, Revolut, Wavestone, Salesforce, Klepierre, Accor, ING, PernodRicard, Chanel, Dfs, etc.

Continuation of post-graduate studies
in International Business, Marketing



Assessments take place throughout the school year
- Continuous oral and written tests and MCQs
Follow-up with a quiz at the end of each course. Depending on your results, a certificate of attendance will be issued.
- In the final year of your course, you'll be required to give a presentation on the professional mission of your internship.
- If you fail an exam, an additional final assessment may be held at the end of each semester.
- Specific, fee-paying remedial exam sessions will be organized at the end of the summer if necessary.

Support resources

Mankind :
- Our teachers/trainers are selected on the basis of their diplomas and professional experience, and each profile is registered with the Rectorat de Paris for teaching authorization.
- Students can contact members of the pedagogical team at any time via our internal “ILCI-Edutech” messaging system.

Equipment :
- 6 classrooms
- Interactive digital screens
- Possibility of distance learning
- Digital learning space (Learning Machine System)

2024 Tuition Fees

Formation fees (excluding application fees) - payable in instalments within 5 months
First year, M1 : 3 900 €
Second year, M2 : 4 500 €

Application fees (non-refundable)
600 € for E.U. students or students with a valid residence permit
900 €
for students with a VISA request

Pre-registration : issued for applications paid 6 months before the start of the school year, or for conditional admissions (e.g. diploma in progress).
Final registration : issued for applications with a deposit of 1 000 or over.

Scaling :
- 25% before the start of the 1st semester
- 50% before the end of the 1st semester
- 75% before the start of the 2nd semester
- 100% before the end of the 2nd semester

Early bird -300 euros
on tuition fees for registrations completed 5 months before the start of the school year
*Option rncp exams : 900 euros per year for M1 and M2

Deferral (with authorization) :
If you need to postpone your school start, you won't lose your full application fee.
A 50% discount will be applied.


Conditions :
Admission based on application and interview
Background in economics/management
Interested in digital
Experience in an international company preferred
French mother tongue or B2 level minimum
English B2 minimum

For access to M1 :
Accredited Bac+3 diploma

For access to M2 :
Bac +4 or +5 acquired in Business Management, Purchasing, Supply chain, Logistics, Operations

Application dates :
October session
- Candidates with visa request : March 15 - July 15, 2024
- Candidates without visa request : 15 Mars - 15 Septembre, 2024
Start date : October 07, 2024

January session
- Candidates with visa request : 15 August - 15 Novembre, 2024
- Candidates without visa request : 15 Octobre - 15 January, 2024
Start date : February 03, 2025

Application deadline: Between 10 days and 6 months depending on the date of application

The final registration certificate will be sent :
- After validation of the application by the school jury
- Signing of internal regulations and general terms and conditions of sale
- After payment of registration fees