Many students come to Paris every year to study. Parisian life, subways, streetcars and walks along the Seine. The only problem is, where to lodge?

Finding accommodation in this beautiful region is not easy. You're looking for accommodation close to a train station or metro station, a store nearby for shopping, and the ability to park your car if you need to, all without breaking the bank!

A real worry when you're on your own and don't know the city and its region. But don't panic! There are plenty of solutions available.

Shared flats, university residences, furnished rentals... We tell you everything you need to know about accommodation!

International student?
If you have to apply for a visa, it's important to reserve student accommodation for your first year. Other types of accommodation are often refused, especially free accommodation.


It's the ideal option for students starting a new life.

Sharing an apartment is a good alternative between independence and cost. It is like having your own room in a large apartment. This means you can have your own living room in a furnished apartment in Paris with a lower cost.

The second advantage of sharing is meeting new people. Sharing a flat makes it easier to integrate into a new city, and makes it easier to meet new people. With a shared flat, you won't be alone, and you'll be sharing pleasant and amusing moments with your roommate(s).

So don't hesitate to consult our partner's selection of furnished apartments to share:

They'll be able to offer you a simple and secure service, enabling you to find flatshares with students and working people, both French and international!

As an added bonus, we'll negotiate the application fees for you, so you'll pay less.

For international students who have paid their annual tuition fees in full, you'll be able to take advantage of this rental scheme with your guarantors abroad.


Student residence is one of the most economical solutions for students wishing to live on their own at low cost.

They usually consist of a small studio for yourself, ranging from 13m² to 20m².

This means you'll have your own place and live close to other students. You'll be able to make contacts more easily. Most student residence accommodation is furnished, and the rent includes utilities such as electricity, hot water, gas and sometimes WIFI.

We've selected a partner offering studio apartments up to 40 minutes from the school for rents ranging from 450 to 600 euros/month.

The only drawback is that this type of accommodation is in very high demand and requires a number of procedures, so we advise you to book several months in advance. Accommodation is usually fully booked by June.

Looking for a residence?

Contact our partner and specify that you are attending ILCI.

For international students who have paid their annual tuition fees in full, you will be able to take advantage of this rental with guarantors abroad.


Aimed at students with guarantors in France and with greater means, renting a furnished studio apartment remains a good option.

Many websites offer furnished apartments for rent.

However, many landlords may be reluctant to rent to students.

In this case, you can also use the services of professional furnished rental agencies or estate agents. This way, you'll benefit from a wide range of offers and support in your search.

We advise you to use specialized platforms for students.

Here are a few examples: